Managing Corporate Reputation Through Corporate Branding



This article, which concentrates on symbolic management by explaining the role of corporate branding in
managing corporate reputation, using Novo Nordisk as a case study, presents three perspectives on corporate
branding: the marketing perspective, the organisational perspective and the co-creation perspective. The three
perspectives reviewed show the possibility of developing a multidisciplinary conceptualisation of corporate
branding. They all offer insights important to managing organisations as corporate brands in a multistakeholder
context and thus to the likelihood that corporate branding is a way to influence corporate
reputation. The Novo Nordisk management believes the data indicate that corporate branding influenced
reputation more than the other way around. Formal brand management practices may work considerably better
when they complement rather than try to control existing forces at work among the stakeholders of a company.

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Authors: Majken Schultz, Mary Jo Hatch, and Nick Adams