Corporate Branding – Purpose/People/Process

“Corporate Branding” emphasizes that the organization itself, rather than the products created and marketed by the corporation, represents the main point of differentiation and competitive advantage in the marketplace. Despite the wide range of issues the concept raises about organization and strategy, corporate branding has mainly been associated with a marketing and campaign approach. This approach characterizes what the authors have called the first wave of corporate branding. This book argues that the field of corporate branding is undergoing fundamental changes and becoming more cross-disciplinary and strategically driven. This development represents a second wave of corporate branding, explored in the book. The second wave of corporate branding integrates concepts and experiences from strategy, marketing, corporate communication, corporate identity and organization theory. It questions core concepts of classic branding and offers a framework dedicated to the conceptual and practical development of organizations as brands. The book addresses three core themes: purpose, people, and process.
What is the purpose of corporate branding as an organization-wide effort in a situation where all competing organizations claim to be unique? What are the roles of internal and external stakeholders in corporate brand building? Which processes and changes does the implementation of a corporate brand involve? Throughout the book, the authors confront the challenges and dilemmas of corporate brand management and offer new insights into how corporate brands can be studied and managed. While this book is primarily aimed at graduate and doctorate students, it also is of relevance to practitioners with an interest in moving beyond traditional mindsets in branding.

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